Choices to Make When Dressing for an Interview

When you’ve got an important interview to attend, how you dress can play a pivotal role in whether or not you get the job. However, knowing what to wear isn’t easy.

If you’re struggling to put together the perfect interview outfit, below you’ll discover some of the main choices you’ll need to make.

Should you wear a suit?

Whether or not you should wear a suit will largely depend upon the type of interview you’re having. If it’s a formal interview, a suit does tend to be the best option. However, if it’s business casual, a suit could look a little too formal. In this instance, you’ll just need a smart pair of trousers or a skirt, combined with a smart looking blazer or top. Under no circumstances should you opt for jeans, trainers or t-shirts.

Accessorising your outfit

It’s best to stick to minimal accessories for an interview. This means, maybe a small yet elegant ring or a plain set of diamonds if you want to wear jewellery. A scarf could help brighten up the outfit, just make sure it’s not too patterned.

You’ll want to opt for a more understated look, allowing you to show off a little of your personality while also remaining professional.

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Don’t try to be too flashy

It’s common to want to impress potential future employers. However, avoid trying to be too flashy. This means, don’t go out and buy a really expensive handbag or shoes just for the interview. You’ll want to try and be yourself, not what you think the job is looking for.

It’s surprisingly the smaller things which stand out more to the interviewer. Things like whether or not your shoes are clean and whether you have manicured nails will matter more than how expensive your outfit is. So, focus on looking clean, smart and professional.

Always have a backup option

The last thing you need on the day of the interview is to be worrying about a last-minute disaster. So, always have a backup outfit just in case anything goes wrong with the original.

It may seem unlikely, but your first-choice outfit could end up getting ripped, it may not fit correctly, or your adorable pet pooch could choose to test it out as a chew toy in the middle of the night. Having a back-up option ensures even if something does go wrong, you’re ready and raring to go.

Overall, dressing for an interview isn’t as difficult as you might think. As long as you look smart and professional, that’s all that really matters. However, don’t forget about the small details too. Making sure your shoes are clean, your hair is professionally cut and your nails are manicured will go a long way to making a great first impression.

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