Cities With The Best Casino Resorts To Visit

So have you decided to travel the world but you would like to end up in a country that permits gambling and has the best casino resorts, you need not worry as you will learn where you can go to get the best casino experience in the world. Online casinos have made it possible for casino lovers to access their favourite games regardless of location but it’s always a different experience when you play in a real setting rather than online. In this light, here are some of the top cities in the world that offer the best casino experience.

Las Vegas (US)

They call it the mecca for gamblers for a reason. Las Vegas definitely eclipses all other casino cities and resorts with its numerous casinos that make it possible for you to cover all of them in one trip. Even if you fail to visit all of Las Vegas’ casinos in one trip, be rest assured that you will enjoy to the fullest in those few that you manage to walk into. The beauty of Las Vegas is that irrespective of the glitz and glamour you see from the inside and outside, the city does not chop your money quickly, it’s one of the most affordable cities in the world. The only challenge you can face is losing your money on the gaming table if you are not a gamer but everything else like accommodation, restaurants, and even transportation (flights and taxi) are affordable. This is a place every gamer need to visit in his or her lifetime.

Macau (China)

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While Las Vegas rules in the West, Macau in China rules in the East. There are long stretches of casinos in Macau that makes it impossible for one to cover all in one trip. If you intend to visit all the casinos, then your holiday needs to be a long one (probably a week or more). Macau is a tourist economy and the casino resorts provide the bulk of the entertainment. Some of the best casino resorts in Macau include the Galaxy Waldo casino, Lisboa casino, and Macau Palace casino. The city of Macau doesn’t sleep, all the casino resorts are open 24/7. There are also other activities to engage in Macau such as wandering around the city’s winding streets, go-karting, horse racing and amusement parks.

Salzburg (Austria)

Salzburg is the ultimate destination for travellers seeking a combo of a great gambling experience, place rich in medieval history and with stunning pieces of architecture. Salzburg has Baroque-era buildings covering most of the town which give the city a European elegance. These beautiful buildings are used for various purposes including as casino resorts. One of the most beautiful casino resort you will find in Salzburg is the Casino Salzburg open 24/7. The casino has gold interiors that make you feel like you are playing in a castle. There are also some great artefacts inside the casino that remind gamblers of the history of the casino (opened in 1934) in particular and also the history of the country in general.

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