Combining Cannabis and Meditation

Many people around the world love to meditate. There are so many health and psychological benefits for people that choose to meditate.  Now if you combine Cannabis and mediation it can bring everything to a whole new level. It is really a match made in heaven to combine the two. A huge part of meditation is clearing the mind which can take years to master. Imagine if you only had to wait a few minutes for the Cannabis to kick in!

Prepping the Body

Before you meditate the best prep is getting a bit of exercise or even just stretching to relive some of the tension. Getting the body to release some of its physical energy is an amazing strategy.  Doing what you can to release the body is a key way to ensure you have the capacity to focus next on releasing the mind. Physical body energy can be more prevalent than what goes on in the mind and CBD oil is a great way to get started.

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Choosing the Right Strain

There are so many strains out there and they all have so many different effects. Choosing the correct strain makes all the difference. Now you do not have to actually smoke, there are so many different alternatives to smoking. For instance you can put a little oil under your tongue. It may take a little longer to kick in but when it does the oil will help immensely with the meditation.

Consuming the Cannabis for Meditation:

There are many ways to ingest weed from concentrated CBD oil to vaping. All of them will work, but vaping it or smoking it with a few blended herbs may be best for the purposes of meditation. In the end edibles are great but they also take too long for the effects to kick in. Noone wants to wait that long when they can consume it in a different way for an instant effect. For experienced consumers, however, smoking flowers may be preferable. It offers the fastest method of delivery, with the quickest onset of effects. Bud smokers will be able to “get in the zone” much faster.

Ancient civilizations and many religions have used marijuana for thousands of years. People have also used it for yoga and meditation purposes for centuries. Cannabis still plays an important part when it comes to tantric Buddhism today, particularly in deep meditative rituals for heightened spiritual awareness.  Overall, combining the two just leads to an unforgettable experience.

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