Cut Through All the Reviews with Things Men Buy

Let’s face it, researching a product can get complicated.  There’s the website which features reviews, but they are all five stars and shining.  There are independent review sites, but they seem to be a maze to find that product you want.  But for men looking for reviews by other men for things men buy, then this is the place to start – and it’s called Things Men Buy.

What is Things Men Buy?

Things Men Buy is a website that was created by a guy called Tim and has numerous contributors from around the world.  The aim of the website is simple – to provide the reviews and information that guys need to make an informed decision about a product.  Because they offer Raw Reviews of Cool Stuff for Guys – Things Men Buy Shopping Guide is the place to start your research for almost anything a guy might want to purchase.

How it works

When you hit the webpage, it is clear that this is a no-fuss website.  The first button you see is for latest deals and who doesn’t love a good bargain?  But if you are hunting for something specific or have a product in mind, you can simply select one of the many categories on the site to help you find it.

Reviews are categorized into what the product is and include:

  • Survival
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Books
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Hobbies
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Home and garden

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There are even sections to help get you out of a jam in the Gifts for Her section where you can find some inspiration for that upcoming birthday or Christmas.  There are self-help sections, finance areas and even reviews of dating websites.

You can also search the site to find the product you are looking for and if there’s a review for it, then it will pop up for you.  If not, get in touch with the guys and make a suggestion – there’s a Contact Us option on the main menu to reach out and have a chat.

Why reviews matter

Reviews are a really important part of making a decision about a product whether it is a new pair of shoes or a new home entertainment system.  You want to feel confident about your purchase and have all of the information at hand to do this.  That’s where the reviews from Things Men Buy come in – you can get an honest assessment from a real person to help you make that informed decision.

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