The Most Fun Without Leaving Home

People talk about the cocooning phenomenon a lot these days, and they usually focus on the negative aspects of it. However, there are plenty of positive effects that this phenomenon can have on the vast majority cases. These include benefits such as being able to do a lot from home that once required travel far outweigh the disadvantages.

However, while this may be a danger or even completely true in a very limited number of cases, in many other cases, including the vast majority, the benefits of being able to do a lot from home that once required travel far outweigh the disadvantages. Just think of the environmental benefits alone of people not having to travel so much, not to mention the time saved by traffic being diminished for those who do still have to make it from A to B on the roads.

Let’s face it, your home is your castle, be it ever so humble. It’s yours and it’s set up the way you like it, and it will continue to be more and more as you like it as time goes on, and you put more resources into it. So when you engage in anything from playing video games (or now they are being called e-sports) online, or a little bit of gambling at a great online casino, or ordering pizza and being able to tell when it goes in the oven, when it goes out, etc. the modern world has its benefits, no doubt at all about that!

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People often don’t think about the potentially transformative nature of working at home. Right now, this is the privilege of a few technocrats and digital entrepreneurs, but things are rapidly changing. Call centers, for example, are more and more realizing that they have been wasting money on expensive leases, utilities, security, equipment, connectivity, etc. when people have all this infrastructure at home already, and are perfectly willing to use it to avoid having to commute to work. Plus, now nobody can use traffic or the weather as an excuse for being late! In return, they can work in their pyjamas stuffed into their favorite chair etc.

Possibilities are endless; there are even musicians who set up a decent microphone in their living rooms and go live on facebook taking donations by various electronic means for their performances!

In short, there’s nothing wrong with going outside, travelling, and enjoying all the world has to offer. It’s just nice if we can do that by choice and not because we are forced into it!

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