The Best Cebu Island Activities

The Philippine Islands, and especially the island of Cebu, are amazing tourist destinations. If you are headed there, you have made an excellent decision as to your destination. If you aren’t, you should seriously consider making it there for your next big trip. You will be very glad you did.

Observing Wildlife

Because if its unique geographic location and subtropical climate with nothing even remotely resembling what we would call a real winter, Philippine flora and fauna is truly a delight to experience. We highly recommend the Whale Shark watching and Sumilon Sandbar tour, for example. The Philippines, and Cebu in particular, are great places for birdwatching as well.

The best part of checking out the wildlife in this part of the world is that the variety is truly mind-blowing. One is reminded of the incredible diversity of this planet, and how it needs to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Checking Out The Other Islands

Of course, the Philippines are an archipelago, and it would be a shame if you were to not move from Cebu for your whole stay. Catch some amazing scenery and be amazed at what some of the closer smaller islands in the archipelago have to offer. Check out for example the Pescador Island hopping and canyoneering excursion, and after that, get some time in for the Mactan Island hopping trip. These are also amazing excursions for spotting exotic marine life, and of course, exotic flora and fauna on the even more evolutionarily isolated islands. Definitely not something to miss while you are in Cebu!

In general, the more you travel during your Cebu vacation, the more diverse and interesting your experiences will be. It has been said that travelling is actually a horrible experience, but it’s worth it because you get to see new places. This is totally true. If you’ve come a long way to Cebu, don’t limit your experience; take advantage of it by going around the area as much as possible and take it all in. You will be tired, but in the end you will realize how worth it it really was!

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Can’t Forget The Food

If you’ve never had authentic and properly prepared Filipino cuisine, you are in for a real treat! Local favorites that are not to be missed include adobo (the best way to prepare chicken EVER), pancit, lechon, tocino (for those who love pork on their fork), lumpia (like eggrolls or springrolls but better), sisig (organ meats cooked with egg), kare-kare, laing, man, the list could go on forever.

Be sure to get out of the tourist traps at Cebu at least once or twice. Go to the food stalls if you are brave, if not, at the very least, try one or two really good local restaurants. Places with no hamburgers or chicken wings on the menu. Places where you will learn just how amazing food can be, even when it’s really really unfamiliar.

If you open your mind up to the cuisine, you will automatically have your mind open to all the rest of the incredible things the Philippine islands have to offer you on your trip. And you will go home with memories that last a lifetime, and plenty of stories to tell your younger relatives!

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