5 Things to Do In-Between the Holiday Seasons

Everyone loves to go beaching during the summer and skiing during the winter times, but the time in-between such seasons can be difficult to endure, especially if you’ve caught the travel ‘itch’. Sure, you could say that fall and spring are the perfect times to get settled and adjust to the changing weather, choose destinations and prepare accordingly for the up-coming holiday, but we all know that it just won’t cut it. So, what are some really fun things that you could do to pass the time during the holidays – read on and try them out as soon as you’re back from your holiday!

Learn a Foreign Language

If there’s an exotic, foreign destination on your mind for your next travelling endeavour, learning more about their culture is a good way to start preparations. And what better way to learn about the culture than through one’s language – you don’t have to speak it that fluently either. After all, it’s all to the purpose of making your pending holiday all the more enjoyable. Even if you’re not that good with languages, nowadays there are all kinds of apps and online services, web tutoring, etc. to help you master the basics in no time.

Take a Class

If you’re really interested about the nation’s culture, you can always look up the classes at your local Anthropology Institute or similar organization and find a suitable class. It will give you something to do and take your mind off the time left until the specific vacation, and it can serve to make you more knowledgeable about the natives.

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Make Some Extra Cash

Even if you have it all figured out, having some cash on the side is a good idea in any case. You can try by using your poker skill on the many online casino sites, or knitting skills for the numerous ecommerce platforms where you can sell your hand-made items. Once you find the most profitable option, stick to it for at least a month or two – time will literally fly by you and before you know it, it’s your date of departure.

Take a Mini Trip

The travel ‘itch’ is not always easy to subdue, and if nothing you have tried manages to help, then it’s best that you give in to it. Just pick a random spot somewhere in the neighboring county, or a national park, and visit it for a day or turn it into a weekend trip. It will get you out of the rut and help you make it through the remaining time.

Take Up a Hobby

If your passion in life is travelling, learning about new cultures and visiting new locations, then you won’t mind adding a new hobby to the list. The trick is to choose a hobby you normally wouldn’t consider – that way, it will take you some time to get used to it, and will definitely relieve some of the holiday impatience until it’s time to pack your suitcases.

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