Great Spring Break Trip Destinations

Spring is always the best time to cruise around the world. The weather is just fine so you do not have to worry about being blindsided by the weather which can be a painful experience. The only problem is usually being able to find the best places to land and get that much needed vacation under the perfect weather. So, I thought I should help with that. There are some great places that I have gone to and since my friends are also wide travelers, I got some of their experiences combined that with a little research and came up with this killer list of destinations for your spring break that will definitely blow your mind.

  1. Nassau, Bahamas.

Spring break typically arrives in these areas of the world around March and by all means, it is a place that you ought to be at. Home to a great deal of beaches, Nassau features some of the best and most luxurious hotels and casinos if that sounds appeasing to you. If not, a cruise at the Blue Lagoon Island where you can mingle with marine life like dolphins of simply chill in a hammock and soak in the sun can be a great alternative.

  1. Southern Baja California, Mexico.

If you’re the animal lover and the beach life does not appeal to you but still love the water, this might be a great destination. The weather is usually great around spring and the beautiful coastline gives you the perfect excuse to disappear into the blue water with the sea lions or simply go kayaking while whale watching.

  1. Cancun, Mexico.

If you’re an avid spring breaker, then you are have probably heard of this destination. It happens to be one of the most popular in the spring break circles and it is rightfully so. Thousands of college and high school students pour out here to enjoy the warm weather and plenty of activities like jungle snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, cruising and so much more. There is no reason why you should not include this in your spring break bucket list.

  1. Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica always gets the vacation bells ringing but that is not all there is to it. Other than its stone throw away distance, Playa Tamarindo has all the ingredients that go into making a great spring break menu. Hammock swinging and surf chasing are among the most common activities here but there is so much more to be enjoyed. If you’re not the beach lover, then the rain forest canopy should definitely be more appealing to you.

  1. Los Angeles, USA.

During spring break, you might have to contend with the high population that usually flocks to this place but without a doubt, it is quite the buzz. The essentials of the perfect spring break; sand, sun and surfing are quite abundant here not to mention the famous beaches.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Oh! How could a spring breakers list be complete without Brazil? I actually visited here so I speak from experience. Great food, stunning sceneries and a plethora of outdoor adventures will definitely put the break into Spring break. I personally recommend spending a sunset at Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City). You will not be disappointed.

  1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

There is not vacation list that would be complete without the Galapagos Island. Which is why it is only fair you throw it in your spring break list of places to be as well. The archipelago has to be the headliner at this destination but there are other equally fun activities like the underwater cruises, surfing, biking, scuba diving, the list is endless!

  1. Whistler, British Columbia.

If you’re not the typical beach lover but like a chilly weather and skates under your feet, then Whistler is a great place to be. By March, the buzz has died down and hotels are more affordable. There are some stunning clear skies and the white snow makes this the perfect place for skiers and snowboarders. Only if you remember to carry your snowpack.

  1. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

So, you’ve planned your spring break but remembered you did not apply for your passport? Or maybe it just took longer to get here. Forget it! You do not need your passport on this one. The hassle free airport experience will smother your up for a great and unbeatable experience with the botanical gardens, great nightlife and the clear blue waters. What is not to like about that?

  1. Oranjestad, Aruba.

Closing out the list is Oranjestad in Aruba. It is not every spring breakers first pick only because it is preferred by those who would prefer to have a quiet and peaceful night. The rugged beaches are a must see and a great pleasure but its main selling point is to those who aren’t looking for the typical wild nights.

The only reason you should stay cooped up in your house this spring is only because you decide. With this list, you have 10 great places that you can go to and each of them promises to offer you the experience of a lifetime. One that you will live to fondly remember.



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