Travel and work? It can be done!

Having adventures and staying employed at the same time? This might have seemed an impossibility at some point in the near past. But as we’ve seen an absolute revolution in remote work, many people are probably going to do their best to take their remote work skills with them and travel the globe. Just as folks are feeling tired of being cooped up and restricted in their movements, they might pick up a new remote job and get moving. There are great ways to go about this while still being responsible, both to yourself and to the world around you.

1) Do your research

Before you head off on your latest travels, you’ve got to look at where is safe. Other countries are just starting to accept casual American travelers, and so you’ve got to check that out. You also have to comply with local safety regulations. This ensures community safety as well as your own personal safety. Trip Advisor has come up with a brief list of places opening up to American travelers, and each of these places are fantastic spots to visit & work from. In addition to local safety & public health requirements once you get to a destination, it is a wise idea to get a COVID test before you depart your home base. This also makes sure you don’t spread anything to fellow travelers.

And just like the Trip Advisor article mentions, one way to travel might even be across the country. If you live in the southeast, maybe it’s time to head to New England to experience the fall foliage. You can make this all happen while still getting work done, if you’ve planned carefully.

2) Make sure you have your employer’s support

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There are many employers that will allow for their workers to travel and gain from their experience. Some companies you might want to look into include the ones listed here. You can click here to read more about supportive, innovative companies. If you are part of the staff of any of these great employers, you should be good to go. If you don’t have the support of your employer, then you might be looking for a new job. And your search might free up a local job for someone who needs it. You can both plan to travel as well as allow for some space in the local economy. That’s a win-win in these times.

3) Follow your passion

If this year has taught you nothing, it should be that life is short. It is better to follow your passion than to have just ground yourself to a halt and then get fired. If you’ve followed your passion and wound up washed ashore, at least you tried. Maybe your passion is traveling? (That’s probably why you’re reading this piece.) Then make a go for it. Maybe your passion is archery, or hunting? Then maybe look into employment at and see what you can do to help their business. Whatever floats your boat, pursue that to greater shores.

4) Plan, plan, and plan some more

You can travel and still work. But it will take more work in the initial phase to get yourself off the ground. If your brain is here now, and you’ve determined to take some responsible travel time, then you’ve got to plan for both the short and long term. Budget, make a plan for family members, and make it happen.

While this kind of lifestyle has always required a lot of pre-planning, more planning is required in current times. However, it is worth it in terms of the experiences you’ll forever cherish.

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