Where in the Star Wars universe would you like to go on holiday?

It is a time of great anticipation for Star Wars fans. This Christmas, the 11th film to bear the Star Wars name, and the ninth in the saga proper, will hit cinema screens around the country. For those nostalgic for the franchise, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on the rest of the series – and so plan holidays to some of the locations used for filming.

Thanks to a new infographic from travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket, this is easier than ever. On it, you’ll find a detailed list of filming locations used to create all of those memorable exterior shots. Remember Canto Bight, the gambling capitalist planet that showed up in The Last Jedi? It’s actually based mostly on Dubrovnik, on the southern tip of Croatia.

And what about the famous forest moon of Endor, where the rebellion made their memorable last stand alongside the Ewoks, and the second Death Star was destroyed? Most of that was shot on location at Redwood National and State Parks in California.

Millenium Falcon 1627322 640

In that film, it looked like just about every loose end had been wrapped up. The Empire had been destroyed; Leia and Han had finally got together; Luke had made peace with his father’s memory; and the Emperor Palpatine had been dispatched in spectacular fashion.

But things didn’t quite end there, and if the trailers are anything to go by, the Emperor looks set to make a return in some form or other in The Rise of Skywalker. If you’re beside yourself with excitement at the prospect, then take a look at this amazing infographic – you might be captivated at what you discover, and you might get inspiration for a Star-Wars-themed holiday in the process!

Star Wars Holiday Destinations Infographic

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