Have you been thinking about getting an MBA in Canada? Are you looking for the best place to further your education after your first degree? I’ll discuss with you here some reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to take a step to study in Canada.

When it comes to education Canada, compared to it Southern neighbours is not so renown but it’s definitely one of the top contenders today. This explains why there is an influx of students into this nation to further their studies in various fields.

Canada has a stunning scenery. The learning environment also plays a great role in enhancing the learning process. Canada’s

top business schools are now competing strongly with the best schools around Europe and other parts of the world and surprisingly more affordable than it counterparts in the US and Europe as a whole.

How do Canadian business schools rank?

Just last year, 2018, the FT Global MBA ranked three Canadian institutions as one of the best MBA institutions. This goes to show how much ground and how far these institutions have improved and gained ground in the academic world.

The universities that were ranked are McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, in Montreal, the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and Western University’s Ivey Business School in London, Ontario. They occupied the 78th, 86th and 90th place respectively. This clearly shows Canadian universities are also to be reckoned with among it equals.

Why are these university’s ranked this high if not that they have what the best of the best have? Take a look at this MBA program in vancouver for example.

What does an MBA Cost?


Let’s do a small and brief analysis on tuition fees to see how cost effective it is to do your MBA in Canada. The University of Toronto, tuition fees for the two-year full-time MBA is $116,610 (Canadian dollar), that’s about £68,630 in total. If you split it across the two years you are to spend for the course. Now the McGill’s international fees for the full two years is around $89,000 (Canadian dollars), that’s about £52,380. This includes the total cost of your international study trip. This is quite affordable in comparison to other universities in their class.

Some More Reasons to Consider Canada for your MBA

You will sure enjoy your stay in Canada. The two years you’ll spend doing your MBA will be fun-filled and refreshing.

Do you know that according to the UN, three of the top ten most liveable cities in the world in 2018, are located in Canada? This simply means, no matter where you’re coming from, we have you covered.

You can get all you need, whatever city you’re coming from.

Do you know that the most recent UN’s World Happiness Index puts Canada in seventh place?

If what you want is a good study environment and a thorough MBA education that is also affordable, then Canada is the answer.

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