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Many people flock to the island of Koh Phangan from around the world. This gorgeous island in the Gulf of Thailand is a small, picturesque paradise. At only 40 km across, it is actually possible to walk across the entire island in about 10 hours time. With a number of stunning and pristine beaches, this island is a great place for people who love adventure, the outdoors, and watersports. Koh Phangan is not just for outdoor-enthusiasts though. The island is home to some of the best nightlife you will find in the region.

There are tons of different festivals and huge parties that take place on Koh Phangan, making it an excellent destination for people who want to experience the best nightlife there is on offer. From the main port of entry, Thong Sala Pier, you can walk to a wide range of unique and exciting bars and pubs. You can easily find hostels on Koh Phangan that are right in the thick of things too. Mad Monkey Koh Phangan is an excellent choice for groups large and small looking for affordable and high-quality accommodations located near the center of the action. Hostels like Mad Monkey offer a range of different accommodations from single-sex dorm-style rooms to mixed-sex accommodations.

The Jungle Party (Jungle Experience)

The Jungle Party is an event like none other and attracts party-goers from around the world. The Jungle Party is a world-famous party that attracts music and art lovers from around the world. It is one of the original dance parties to be held on Koh Phangan and is still among the most popular. As the name implies, the party is set in Baan Tai, an open-air, jungle atmosphere. This is the biggest music event that takes place on the island and is held the day before the Full Moon Party, which occurs once a month on the full moon.

For those who like techno music of all stripes, this is a party you really need to experience. The progressive house music scene has taken a lot of cues from the artists who play the Jungle Party. These artists set trends for other house artists around the world. The party features amazing music and an outdoor dance floor. UV body paint, as well as art installations, sculptures, and other artwork add to the fun and vibrant vibe of the party.

Since it is held in an outdoor location, there is unique scenery and even streams flowing under wooden bridges and walkways. The party is a feast for the senses with tons of different performance acts taking place simultaneously with the music. There is a secret garden space where party-goers can watch men and women perform Muay Thai, one of the most ancient forms of martial arts in the region. This gives the party a unique native and historical significance as well. While it is held in a jungle environment, the party is not held at a far-off location that is difficult to get to. It is conveniently located near a wide range of accommodations. Scooter and motorbike rentals are available at a number of places on the island for those who are too far out to walk to the party.

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The jungle environment means that party-goers are dancing among the jungle trees and other flora and fauna. They will find drum circles performing traditional rhythms. Fire spinners will treat visitors to amazing spectacles. The party also features laser shows and magic shows. The LED light shows, coupled with all the UV paint and art create a really amazing visual spectacle. Costumes are a huge part of the performance experience and visitors will find a variety of uniquely-clad entertainers among the crowds of dancers. If you have a wild dressing streak, this is a great place to show it off.

The party is incredibly popular, often boasting thousands of attendees each time the party is held. It is a hot spot for the latest in underground and progressive house music. The lineup of DJs is often world-famous. They feature local DJs, as well as popular artists from around the world. Here you can party until the sun comes up, experiencing the gorgeous sunrise in a unique setting.

If you like nightlife, the Jungle Party is not to be missed. Held the day before the Full Moon Party, the Jungle Party is a feast for the senses. Featuring some of the best house and dance music in the region, the party is a great place for music lovers and those who want to dance. Held in the heart of the jungle, this unique party features excellent music, as well as a unique atmosphere punctuated by natural splendor like streams and trees. In addition to music, party-goers will enjoy a wide range of performance entertainment from martial arts, magic, laser shows, fire spinners, and more.

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