Moving Past That ‘Student House’ Feel

Of all the different kinds of homes out there, student houses in particular amass a bad reputation. Frequently associated with mess or minimalism, the choices most young scholars seem to have is filth or blandness. However, there’re third and fourth options too; style and comfort!

While student homes can come with certain decorative restrictions, there are ways to create a space that feels homelier. Consequently, here’s how to move past those student house stereotypes.

Unique Lighting

Hollywood film sets are a great example of how to utilise quality lighting. It can change the entire mood and atmosphere of a scene in an instant, so really put your thinking cap on here and think about what the best photographers or cinematographers would do to light up a space. How should you arrange things? What types of lights would work well with your room?

For example, you could invest in some fairy lights and run them around your walls. Even better, you could loop them around shelving units or poster frames. Get creative and set the mood you want, because a standard ceiling light is a rather boring, generic way to illuminate (and sometimes over illuminate) a space. If you’ve got some subtle and understated lamps, these can make things a little quirkier and unique too.

Bring Some Furniture

Living Room Couch Interior Room 584399

Many landlords outfit their student houses to contain the bare minimum. This is so that there’s less to lose if their irate tenants throw a party and end up damaging the goods inside. It’s rare you’ll find anything expensive or fancy in a student house, so this is the perfect opportunity to add a little something for yourself. You can go with something familiar here or let loose and experiment.

For example, if you have a favourite armchair back in your parents living room, consider bringing it along to university for that extra dose of comfort and familiarity. Alternatively, you could click here and find something that’s your own kind of style if you don’t much like the furniture back home. There are lots of funky furniture options out there that push past the boundaries set by IKEA, so if you add one to your student space, it’ll definitely be one step closer to being anything other than a typical student pad!

Plant Life

A bit of greenery can spruce up any room. After all, a student property is likely to be inflicted with more boring colour schemes; beiges, browns, whites, etc. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those colours, but in excess throughout a home they can start to weigh down on one’s mood. Add a punch of personality with a bright green from a plant, and it can change everything!

Moreover, adding plant life to the house can circulate more oxygen around you, and generally create a more pleasant atmosphere. You’ll also seem a bit more interesting if you have plants to care for and water, rather than just having rooms full of kitchen utensils, course related books and your favourite Harry Potter films. Again, there’s nothing wrong with those things, but people can learn a lot about you by what’s in your house, and a bit of diversity can be great conversation starters!

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