Home Security 101: 4 Home Security Practices You Can Add to Your Existing Ones

Keeping your home safe should be a priority. Many people assume that locking their doors at night (and while they’re gone, of course) is enough to keep burglars at bay. In reality, you should spend some time upgrading the safety features of your home. Technology has advanced quite a bit over the past few years, making these security upgrades more affordable and far fancier than what you imagine. Here are four great security practices to include, starting with something from non-stop-locksmith.com.

1) Lock Upgrades

Yes, your home already has locks on the exterior doors. However, they’re probably basic locks that might or might not include a deadbolt. Since 70% of all home break-ins occur through an exterior door, the ones that you have aren’t enough. It’s time for an upgrade from Non-Stop-Locksmith. The best locks to get are called cylinders. These locks are operated with a key, but they are harder to snap open and break. A deadbolt (which we already mentioned) will work great as well, but you do have to use it. Some people tend to skip that part when they leave the house, since locking an additional door is just one more step. No matter what, purchase a door lock made from a heavy-duty metal as it will stand up to the test of time.

2) Secure Your Garage

The garage is the one place in the home that many people don’t think to secure. Think about it – if you have an attached garage, how often do you lock the door that leads from it to your house? The answer is: probably not as often as you should. It’s very easy for a thief to get their hands on a garage door opener or break in through the garage man door, leaving everything in your home exposed. Take the extra steps needed to beef up your garage security, starting with sturdier man doors and additional locks.


3) Install a Home Security System

Home security systems are now sold as “smart” devices. This means that you can operate them on your smartphone or tablet. You can activate security cameras, turn on interior lights, and even see who’s knocking on your door – when you aren’t home. These security systems are now reasonably priced and are fairly easy to install yourself. While they won’t outright prevent a break in, they’ll make those thieves much less likely to target your home knowing that the cameras will catch them in the act.

4) Don’t Forget About Motion Sensor Lights

These lights are one of the best things about the newest advancements in technology. Why? Because motion sensor lights are fairly inexpensive and many run solely on solar power. This makes setting them up easy, as you won’t have to tap into any of your existing electric lines. Just install the light and the small solar panel with the included mountings and turn them on. It’s very easy, and those motion sensing lights will scare off any intruders.

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