Serviced Apartments – The Housing Which Leaves Plenty of Time for Your Entertainment


For those who love some entertainment in their lives and want to maintain a perfect work-life balance, the concept of serviced apartments opens doors to plenty of exciting opportunities.

Think about it, you can have an apartment to yourself like you normally would, but with the added advantage of you not having to do anything to furnish it or clean up around the household to maintain the quality of your lifestyle.

With the amenities that modern service apartments provide to their inhabitants, living in such a unit is nothing short of occupying a luxury hotel. But once again, it comes with the added advantage of you having your own place.

While originally conceptualized to be used by business executives to accommodate them between their travels, serviced apartments have since evolved to provide their services for leisure and residential stays as well.

In order to understand what serviced apartments could do for you and how you could benefit from the radically positive change that they bring to the table, let’s have a look at a building of Fraser Hospitality, one of the world’s most famous serviced apartment provider.

Inside the Frasier Suites Queens Gate

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Kensington, London, the Frasier Suites Queens Gate is the epitome of a serviced apartment.

It has all the basic as well as luxury features that serviced apartments are known for in the real estate and travel industry; which is why, it is one of the best examples that you could get on how a serviced apartment works and how it could benefit you.

Here are a few advantages of serviced apartments, which the Frasier Suites Queens Gate demonstrates magnificently.


The serviced apartment comes fully furnished and decorated, which means that if you were to stay at this location, you would be able to move in instantly without ever having to buy any piece of furniture for your new dwelling. This does not only end with plush couches and comfortable beds but also extends to state-of-the- art kitchen appliances for a well-rounded living experience.

Flexible Check-in and Check-out

Most luxury serviced apartments now work on a non-lease basis, which means that you can book them for even a short-term stay of a single day; whereas, for long-term stays, you can have your booking in place for months or years at a time. The Frasers Suites Queens Gate operates upon the same model, giving your freedom of mobility whenever you need it.

Free Wi-Fi Access

Staying at a serviced apartment means that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of any amenities, since you are essentially paying someone else to do that for you. This is why, the apartment ensures that you are receiving essentials such as Internet access without any hassle.

Top-Notch Electronic Devices

The apartment also houses a top-tier home entertainment system, so that you and your loved ones could unwind in front of the TV during your free time without having to run around changing your entertainment devices every so often.

Housekeeping Services

The whole concept of a serviced apartment is based on the maintenance of the provided property, which is why it is no surprise to see Fraser Hospitality delivering housekeeping, laundry, and toiletry restocking services every single day upon your discretion. This means that you have plenty of time to relax while also ensuring that your apartment is well-maintained all the time.

Breakfast Buffet

The place comes with the option for you to visit the breakfast area located within the building in order to get your choice of meal from a large spread of breakfast. This way, you do not have to worry about running around in the kitchen every day before work. Instead, you can focus on spending that time in leisure before enjoying your breakfast.

Business Rooms

The Fraser Suites Queens Gate facility is also equipped with dedicated business meeting and workspace rooms, with video-conferencing and complimentary usage of iPads at your disposal. This means that you can work right from your home if you want to as long as you are sure of the availability of the rooms beforehand.

Dedicated Gym

The place also comes with a dedicated gym with the latest exercise equipment so you could ensure to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also working to your full extent. This ensures that you are not neglecting your health even while having other work-related amenities in place.

Immense Security

The place also comes with a dedicated doorman as well as additional security staff and CCTV surveillance in order to ensure that you and your loved ones’ safety is always at the forefront of the management. With built-in safes that are developed through some of the most stringent security measures, you can ensure to walk around freely while taking assurance in the knowledge that your precious loved ones, as well as your prized possessions, are completely safe even in your absence.

Overall, Serviced Apartments are a Match Made in Heaven

While Fraser Hospitality is one of the most famous brands at work for serviced apartments, most of the other providers offer much or less the same services. However, we mentioned Fraser Hospitality because their apartments are not just well-maintained, but have been curated in a manner that demonstrates the best that serviced apartments have to offer.

Go ahead and make a booking at Fraser Suites Queens Gate, or if you are in other regions, you could look into other locations that are all listed on Fraser Hospitality’s website.


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