Really Useful Gadgets To Make Your Office Desk An Awesome Place To Work

Whether you insist on a clean & neat workspace or you’re a creative genius with a cluttered desk only you could navigate, here are seven very useful gadgets you can find with either an internet search or a trip to the office supply or computer superstore, to take that office workstation to the next level.

First, most of us are not at our best until that first cup of java enters our system. Those of us who need that fix usually want a convenient supply nearby. A clip on cupholder is the gadget that both meets this need for the convenient caffeine fix and keeps that hot cup of Joe safely held in a spot that doesn’t add clutter to your desktop.

Second, a flexible waterproof keyboard provides a safe, haven from all of the crud that tends to find its way into the crevices of the typical office computer keyboard. This addition to your desk, not only keeps you productive, it’s easily cleaned keeping that undesirable world of muck comprised of last week’s sandwich, dust, and other gross goo away from your workspace, while keeping that creative mind of yours healthy.

Staying on the subject of keyboards, the Third gadget is, an ergonomic keyboard.

Ergonomic keyboards provides the user with the most comfortable environment for typing. It’s designed to help people who spend long periods of time at their computers and helps keep their wrists, hands and arms in the best position possible to prevent repetitive strains, aches and pains while at work. You’ll find plenty of the best ergonomic keyboards to research on this site

Forth, is a cable organizer. Anyone who works at any desk in any office fully understands the very menace all that cabling running to and from everything in your personal workspace manifests itself to be. Cables to the monitor, cables to the printer, cable to the keyboard, cable to the mouse, I could go on. You could go wireless in some cases, but who wants to worry about battery life when we can simply organize that necessary mess of cables into a corralled, tamed, and docile grouping organized to your desired need to organize.

Fifth, A Multi-Port USB hub. After organizing all the wiring snaking across your office desk, let’s add a multi-port USB hub to provide that source of USB power and connectivity to any additional productivity tool, or just a phone to be constantly charged as it plays your favorite tunes while you work. There are typically 4 port USB hubs, but there are USB hubs with 8, 16 or even 24 ports available if you really want to go crazy and daisy chain USB compatible devices. There great thing is that you can unplug and secure that USB port in your desk drawer so it doesn’t ‘walk away’ after you leave for the day.

The sixth gadget in this list is a USB fan.


USB connectivity is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me when it comes to being able to power pretty much anything via your laptop / desktop computer. The best USB fans are worth their weight in gold, especially if you don’t work in a trendy, air conditioned office like me. There’s plenty of cheap ones on the market, but they really don’t last that long. Buy a quality one that will keep on going for years to come.

A multi-tasking desktop organizer for stuffing pens, paper clips, yellow reminder sticky pads, and the like is the seventh cool item to have for that organized, efficient desktop. If you’re really handy, you’ll get one that has a multi-port USB hub built in with an integrated phone charger and holder. It would be the ultimate desktop gadget to clear physical space on the limited real estate that is your desktop while making you the envy of the office.

Honorable mention. I don’t know about you, but my butt and its comfort holds the key to my piece of mind at work regardless of how organized or disorganized my desktop may be. Adding that perfect seat cushion to that drab and often much to be desired office chair, especially with some other functions like say heating and/or cooling… may just be the difference between consistent brilliance at your work desk, versus losing it and going postal one day. Just saying.

We all know that having even just a small clear space to focus on and think makes all the difference in the world when it comes to creativity and productivity. These five suggestions and the honorable mention represent just the basics to get you going in this ever urgent world of getting things done in the office.

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