Soak Up the Sunshine and Enjoy Summer Drinks With A Garden Party

There is a real feel-good factor about the summer, with many people finding that their mood lifts instantly when the warmer weather comes around. This is a great time of year to enjoy some relaxation in the garden and get together with friends and family members in your spare time. It is also a great way to enjoy entertainment outdoors, and your own garden is the perfect place to start.

At this time of year, many people enjoy entertaining friends and family outside in the garden. You can kick back, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy a range of summer drinks such as the Espresso Martini or a cooling Long Island Iced Tea. If you are planning a garden party, you need to think carefully about both the food and drinks you will serve, as you need to cater for different tastes but also take the warmer weather into consideration.

Key points when sorting out your drinks

Alcohol Bar Drinks Party

When you are sorting our drinks for your summer garden party, there are various key points to take into consideration. Remember, if the weather is very hot, you should aim to serve up chilled drinks and cocktails with plenty of ice. Creating long cocktails is a great way to do this, as these are refreshing, cooling, and don’t need to be topped up every five minutes!

When it comes to creating long summer drinks, you should make sure you are properly prepared. Plan your drinks in plenty of time by going online and looking at various summer cocktail recipes, which you can then use to create your own refreshing drinks. This will also enable you to determine what drinks you need to buy in order to create the cocktails that will be on your menu. Of course, you should make sure you have a good cocktail shaker or blender so you can create these sumptuous treats. Also, make sure you have an ice machine or plenty of ice in the freezer so you can treat your guests to wonderfully chilled drinks.

It is worth remembering that there may be people at your garden party that do not drink alcohol, so this is something you should bear in mind. You can go online and look at non-alcoholic cocktail recipes so you can create delicious virgin cocktails for those that are not drinking.

What about the Food at Your Party?

You have to be careful about food when the weather is very hot, as it can spoil very quickly. Unless you are planning on a BBQ, you should opt for a simple finger buffer. However, when you lay your food out, make sure it is properly covered with foil or plate covers. Without this, you risk having insects all over the food and it will dry out extremely quickly. By keeping it covered, you can protect it from creepy crawlies and flying bugs as well as being able to keep it fresher for longer.

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