*SPOILER ALERT* The Perfect Way to send a fright this Halloween!

Brits stuck for the perfect way to cause a fright this Halloween can now up their trick-or-treat game thanks to a brilliantly evil new service.

The service is offering Brits the opportunity to deliver a “fright” by sending parcels containing TV show spoilers to those they’re wanting to spook this Halloween.

The public will be able to select which TV show they’d like to spoil for their unsuspecting “victim” and a package will then be sent to them, complete with some key reveals, not only ruining the show, but the rest of their day too.

The service, by courier company, ParcelsPlease.com, has come about following research which has found that almost two thirds of Brits claim spoilers are ruining their favourite TV shows.

Disguised as a normal package, the spoiler box can be delivered to any unsuspecting recipient like any ordinary parcel, once opened, instead of a gift, they’d be met with the plot twists in giant lettering.

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Further information on how the service works and supporting graphics can be found here

ParcelsPlease.com also conducted additional research, this revealed which shows have been ruined the most for the UK public by spoilers.

Sky Atlantic’s flagship show, Game of Thrones, which has nearly 3 million UK viewers per episode, has gripped the public over the past six years and has even seen hackers leaking full episodes, emerged as the show that gets ruined the most for the UK.

More than a third of Brits claim people load mouths have spoilt the enjoyment by revealing story arcs and often gruesome plot twists.

Elsewhere, other shows which are regularly ruined by spoilers for UK viewers are:

  • Big little Lies: 14%
  • Suits: 13%
  • Walking Dead: 12%
  • House of Cards: 10%
  • Pretty little liars: 9%
  • Power: 7%

Dawn Henderson, Marketing Executive, at ParcelsPlease.com, said: “People go mad about their favourite TV shows, watching them religiously, and becoming obsessed with them while they’re on, so what better way of causing a real scare than ruining the shows for them?


“Many don’t tend to get that scared by people knocking on their doors with outfits, many will just leave sweets out for trick or treaters, or even shut the blinds and lights to avoid answering the door at all.”

“People tend to get quite excited by parcels and they’ll definitely be eager to open up the package to see what’s inside.”

“We’re not going full- Se7en here, it’s just there to cause a fright, the only problem would be getting the person whose day you’ve ruined to forgive you!”


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