The 5 Worst TV Series Finales of All Times (Yes, GoT is Here)

It’s the equivalent of saving up for years for a dream vacation, only to experience the trip from hell — everything from messed-up hotel bookings, to having your wallet stolen and getting food poisoning. Yes, we’re talking about that miserable, hopeless feeling we all know too well: when a TV show that we’ve loyally followed for several seasons comes to a close, and ends with a whimper instead of a bang.

While there are dozens, if not hundreds of shows that have ended on a dismal rather than amazing note, here are 5 shows in particular that still have fans shaking their heads in awe at the sheer awful-ness of the exit:

  1. Seinfeld

Were we expecting too much from the series that described itself as “a show about nothing”? No, we weren’t. After bringing to the screen some of the most memorable character and events in TV history (who can forget George’s “shrinkage” problem, or Kramer’s black market showerhead), we were fully entitled to an ending that rewarded our loyalty. Sadly, that’s not what happened. At the very least, we deserved some tears and hugs. Instead, what we saw was the gang dispersing in different directions after getting off the subway. We cared more about them than they did, which wasn’t right!

  1. Game of Thrones

Yeah, we all knew this was coming — the window lettering was clear and easy to read, so to speak. Maybe (but probably not) in a few years, disappointed fans will be able to revisit the finale and see it with a more positive perspective. But until then, this is surely going to remain an open wound. What made Game of Thrones so unique, was that it wasn’t a fairy tale (just ask Ned Stark). So, why did they Disney-fy the ending? And what’s with King Bran? (Kind of sounds like a cereal, doesn’t it?) If George R.R. Martin knows why these decisions were made, he’s not talking. He’s probably too busy cashing residual checks.

  1. Lost

There are some people who (believe it or not) actually love the Lost finale. But there are many more people who think it was, and still is, the entertainment equivalent of a tire fire. What rightfully irked so many people, was that the show was very cerebral — kind of like BBC’s Sherlock. But the finale was widely panned as a lazy copout for a show that ran out of ideas, and just wanted the thing to end.

  1. How I Met Your Mother

What hurts most about the finale for How I Met Your Mother, was that this was the kind of series that grew on you over time. At first, it was just something to watch because nothing else was on. But then it started to become must-watch (or at least, must-record) TV. The ending, though, was a misfire or galactic proportions. Basically, it’s a fair guess that the show had a set ending in mind from day one — Ted and Robin hooking up — and refused to change this, even though it made absolutely no sense.

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  1. Battlestar Galactica

The pain and suffering caused by Battlestar Galactica’s finale will be felt for generations. The most offensive thing about it wasn’t the ending itself — which was truly awful. Rather, it was the series had achieved such amazing heights for several seasons. In fact, even despite the bizarre, stupid ending, many critics consider this to be one of the best TV series of all time — not just in the science fiction genre. If there’s a silver lining to this sad tale, then it’s that the show’s very first episode (after the 2-hour pilot) is one of the best openings for a series in TV history. This doesn’t make up for the trauma, but it cushions the blow a little. That’s something, right?

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