The 7 Most Impressive Film Sets of the 90’s

The nineties can feel like a whole other new world where things were done differently for different reasons. The movies during this time were diverse as producers were starting to have full freedom to create their preferred settings. The film industry grew immensely during this period with every movie produced complimenting the next one.

Below are movies that made an immense difference to the way producers set up their films. The availability of larger budgets to create perfect scenes gave more freedom to designers to get closer to reality as possible. The growth in technology also granted them the freedom to get creative. It ensured you could recreate any idea with the right type of skills.

Portrait of a Lady

Based on Henry James’s novel, The Portrait of a Lady is about an independent lady who moves in with her old aunty and gets a job with an egocentric guy. After working for a while, they get married. Their marriage is not that prosperous leading to her wanting to be free from him. The setting of the movie is in Tuscany Italy, with intriguing Carrara marble sculptures to immensely representing the theme of the film.

This award-winning movie has an impressive setting with Carrara marble sculptures to symbolize the main ideas in the film. To describe the physical qualities of the Carrara marble sculptures, of which you can get more information on here, the producer uses abstract ideas to make it easy for any viewer to understand.


This movie is one of the most prominent of the nineties. The setting was so perfectly created that it brought with it a sense of reality to anyone watching. Present-day movie producers use it as a benchmark in trying to create unforgettable settings. One such unbelievable scene is the king of the world. Meant to depict the most joyous experience in the world, it is one of the most memorable in Titanic.

James Cameron’s genius setting of the movie Titanic opened the door for producers to think outside the box. With a budget of $200 million and proper use of computer graphics, he produced what is arguably one of the best movies in the world to date.

Jurassic Park

Based on a novel, the movie Jurassic Park raised the bar for science fiction films. Steven Spielberg’s adopted the story and using the cut- edge CGI technology, produced some very incredible scenes such as making the dinosaurs seem real.

The story unfolds when individuals are chosen to visit a theme park on an island. In the island, they encounter dinosaurs made from prehistoric DNA. The setting of the movie is on the islands of Kauai and Oahu in Hawaii. The islands were perfect, providing the right type of wild for the movie.

Fight Club

If you were in search of a movie that depicts the lifestyle in the nineties, then Fight club should be one of your picks. In an urban setting, the movie involves activities in a person’s life, and how at some point they can consume him. The theme revolves around escaping materialism. It gives us a clear picture of a person who is displeased with the path his life is taking.

The film gives us a picture of what happens when a man takes his anger on the world. It is a prime example of how living in urban centers in the nineties could be so challenging, as explained by Lyhpa.

Romeo and Juliet

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In dealing with the theme of love, producers have the opportunity to get creative and surpass one another with scintillating love stories. There are a few better love stories than that of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A setting full of fun with guns, drugs, swimming pools, and gang warfare. The film makes for a very intriguing story full of aggression and fantasy.


One of the most influential action movies of the nineties is the Matrix. A science fiction action film which includes the main protagonists battling a large number of secret agents in an attempt to preserve their lives. It involves impressive scenes; an example is a slow-motion dodging of a bullet which was one of the most repeated scenes of that time.

It gave producers a proper example of how the freedom to get creative could make a difference. The movie was an immense success, and they went on to produce parts two and three of the film.

American Beauty

The movie American Beauty gives a proper summary of the nineties. The film’s setting is in California and Los Angeles. It involves a family, that if you take into account all the facts; should be happy, although this seems not to be the case. The family is falling apart, and they seem to blame one another for their failures.

The award-winning movie has proper costumes to go with the ninety’s era. It represents the style and culture of that time with its characterization and screenplay. It also has a sense of love, showing how love might not be enough to ensure happiness.


There was an extreme impact on film by nineties movie producers. They managed to push the boundaries and created some very incredible movies, giving the present-day producer the freedom and confidence to dig deep into their ideas and get creative.

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