The Top 7 Places to Discover in Sweden


Sweden is loaded with stunning views, exciting attractions, and even a few secret spots that few people know about. Whether you want to head out for adventures, or you simply want to visit some of the highlights, there is so much to see and enjoy in Sweden. 

Across the country, you can find a multitude of options to choose from. Take a look at these top 7 places that you should discover when you visit Sweden. 

1. Stockholm Archipelago

Start your adventures on the Stockholm Archipelago. It’s beautiful and completely serene. It’s also large enough to adventure and find a spot that really appeals to you. They have plenty of nightlife and tons of great food. 

This archipelago includes 30,000 tiny islands (so you won’t be able to visit all of them while you’re there) but you can jump on a sailboat or a ferry and do some exploring in the area. It’s an island-hopping delight! 

Along the way, there are some great historical places to visit as well. Places like the capital of the archipelago and even the spa or an old fortress might appeal to you. 

2. Drottningholm Palace


Who doesn’t want the chance to see a beautiful palace in Sweden? This palace houses the King and Queen of Sweden and there is much to see. You could spend all day walking through the palace and enjoying the walk or the stroll through the halls and gardens. 

This palace is the home to the king and queen and almost the entire building allows the public to enter. They have only one wing that they don’t allow the public into. The rest of the grounds are open. If you’re lucky, you might even see the King or Queen out and about on the grounds. 

Of course, even if you don’t get to see them, you still see the home and the palace and that is impressive as well. 

3. Kosterhavet National Park

While you’re in Sweden, the national park is a must. It’s loaded with stunning visuals and charming wildlife. The entire area is protected as a national park. This national park in Sweden butts up against the Norway borders and was the first national park in Sweden. 

The park runs right along the coast so you can enjoy the land and the ocean while you are there. You will see a variety of marine life as the park is home to at least 6,000 different species of sea-dwelling critters. You may see things you won’t find in other areas. 

When you visit Kosterhavet National Park, you have the shores and the sea. There are coral reefs in the area and opportunities to dive or snorkel to get a closer look at the marine life and the reef itself. 

Of course, you can also simply enjoy some of the nearby fishing villages and local culture as well. It’s the picture-perfect moment. 

4. Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is an attraction that no tourist should ever miss in Sweden. This museum opened in 1990 and has been running strong ever since. It contains a huge 17th-century ship and the museum commemorates the ship. You can explore the history and the ship itself while you’re there. If you get lucky, maybe you will find some hidden treasures left aboard. 

If you don’t know much about the Vasa ship, it was a king’s ship. It never even got to take its maiden voyage from port. The ship was in the ocean for several hundred years before they brought it out and created an exploration for the world to see.

The museum opens every day and you can buy your tickets when you arrive. Museum staff are warm and welcoming to people of all ages. It will be an adventure to remember for sure. 

5. Skansen Open-Air Museum


Skansen is an open-air museum located in Stockholm. It’s actually the first open-air museum in the world and it’s still thriving today. The museum is focused on a historic village. You can take a real-life view of the area and the culture. The museum covers different eras from 1720 to 1960. 

You will find homes, businesses, churches, schools, and more to explore. In the museum, they have characters and interpreters that demonstrate the life of the area in the appropriate timeframes. There’s also a zoo with some native animals to experience. 

There is plenty to see and you can easily spend more than a day visiting the museum. They also have plenty of food and activities inside. There are hotels as well if you want to base your experience primarily around this museum. 

6. Kiruna Church

If you’re able to head north in Sweden, Lapland is the northernmost town in the country. This town shares the same northern latitude as Greenland, so it gets a bit cold. However, it’s well worth the journey to see Kiruna while you’re there. 

In Lapland, you can see the midnight sun from May to July and it’s quite the experience. This little town was originally a settlement. The town has adapted and changed and even moved some since it started. It was primarily designed as a mining city. 

What you will find is the Kiruna Church, which is a beautiful structure. Of course, this is also the home of the world’s first Ice Hotel, which is known as Jukkasjarvi. The hotel is built from ice and re-made every single year. The rooms are absolutely stunning. 

7. Viking Lund


Finally, on your quest through Sweden, take the time to stop in the Viking city of Lund. There is a lot to see and do here, including the Lund Cathedral. You can find historical sites and learn from various tours and offerings in the area. This city has a large student population as well. 

Walk the cobblestone streets and just enjoy the locals. There is something for everyone to enjoy here. You might even find some unique sites. Hop on a bicycle if you want to ride around the city and see more. 

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