Tips on How to Pick a Suitable Summer Outfit 

With summer in full swing and the UK currently experiencing a heatwave, you may be struggling to dress appropriately in order to handle the heat and keep cool during this time. You may have thought you had your summer outfits sorted but with the temperature set to increase, you might be reconsidering your outfit choices. Dressing in the summer can be a challenge especially when trying to come up with new outfit ideas but it doesn’t necessarily need to be costly. 

Clothes retailer Chums recently ran a survey to find out which UK city was willing to spend the most on clothes, with Birmingham coming out on top spending a total of £361 on an outfit. If you are looking to buy some clothes that will hopefully help you look stylish and cool (quite literally) we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you pick a suitable summer outfit. 

  • Suitable footwear

When it’s scorching hot the last thing you need is your feet being completely covered up. The survey from Chums showed that the UK is a nation that loves trainers; however, trainers in the summer are likely to leave your feet feeling hot and sweaty. With so many stylish sandals to choose from, your feet can stay cool and fresh while also complimenting your outfit, as sandals are quite a versatile shoe. Just don’t pair them with some white socks!

  • Loose fitting clothes

Everyone wants to be comfortable when the sun is out. Sitting in clothes that are too tight will only put you on edge and unable to enjoy your summer activities. Opt for loose fitting clothes such as a long-flowing sundress or linen trousers that will allow air to get through, but ensure that they fit you properly and don’t look baggy and oversized. 

  • Light and bright 

Chances are your wardrobe is full of black, navy and grey clothes, but try to avoid wearing dark clothes during summer as these will absorb light and heat more. Instead go for colours that mirror the mood of the season and reflect light. Colours like blue, yellow, green and white are ideal summer colours. 

  • Protect yourself

While you’re applying your sunscreen to protect your skin, don’t forget to protect your head and your eyes. Ideally you will need a hat with ventilation so the heat won’t get trapped. Cotton and linen are best for absorbing sweat and are more breathable. Don’t forget sunglasses which will protect your eyes from harmful rays. SmartBuyGlasses is Canada’s most trusted online eyewear retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you’re sure to find your perfect pair of glasses. SmartBuyGlasses has also a 3D Try-on Software, you can try on the glasses you like before the order and see how they look like on your face. Shop from the comfort of your home. SmartBuyGlasses offer you 24-months warranty, FREE shipping and they guarantee you the best price in the market.

  • Cover up

While it is tempting to lose a few layers, it’s important not to expose yourself to the sun too much. Try to keep your shoulders covered with a t-shirt or shirt, because your shoulders are prone to sunburn which can affect your body’s ability to cool down. If you do choose to wear a top were your shoulders are visible, remember to apply extra sunscreen. 

These are just some tips and tricks you should take into account when trying to pick a summer outfit that is comfortable and cool for you during a summer heatwave. 

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