Vaping Vocalists – Adele, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Among Artists Who Vape

Vaping is common with celebrities like Dua Lipa, Tom Hardy, Sean Penn, and Michelle Rodriguez.

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We’ll show which actors and musicians are vaping in 2022. That is how we’ll discuss how they established themselves as being dedicated to the vape life.

Being photographed on numerous occasions with their vapes in hand, these celebs have breathed new life into the trend. Thanks to their influence and that of many actors like them, many people have transitioned from smoking to vaping in hopes of a healthier lifestyle.

But it’s not just Hollywood actors who stock up on Juuls and Cali Compatible Pods. Big names from the music industry have also joined the vape race.


Adele doesn’t only have a reputation for being a powerhouse vocalist; she’s also known for being fun at parties. Besides being a perfectionist with music, the 15-time Grammy winner is also one to enjoy her vapes.

Whether the honesty inspired you in her debut album or the tenacity in the most recent one, you could walk down the path of your favorite artist and adopt a healthier alternative to smoking. Doing so would allow you to unwind during your free time without exposing yourself to harmful substances.

All that you need to do is to purchase a Juul with Cali Compatible Pods, and you could enjoy your new vape with multiple flavoring options right away.

Miley Cyrus

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She might be her Mother’s Daughter, but that hasn’t stopped everyone’s favorite Ashley-O from enjoying her Juul. While having one of the best years in her recent career, Miley Cyrus has adopted the habit of enjoying her Juul in public, and she does it with her signature Cyrus panache.

With hits such as Wrecking Ball, the former Hannah Montana star has proven to be quite ahead of her time. And her decision to turn to vape seems like one of those instances.

To take a leaf out of Miley’s book and start vaping instead of smoking, make sure to look into options such as Cali Compatible Pods. The flavors in these vaping products are more than enough to keep your interest for a long time.

Dua Lipa

After winning multiple Grammies for her debut studio album, the 23-year-old model-turned-musician has proven to the world that a career transition doesn’t always have to be wrong.

But while doing so, Dua Lipa has also made sure to be true to herself and not leave recreation behind. For this, she hasn’t only been recorded promoting self-love and with a Juul in her hand.

To ensure that you are following the inspiration of someone as focused as Lipa, you could leave smoking behind. Does charli vape? With multiple flavor options at your disposal, you could make the transition from smoking to vaping to be as seamless as Lipa’s journey from modeling to music has been.

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