Why the Shed is No Longer Just for Men

A back garden essential is a shed, however, for far too long now the humble shed has been a man’s domain to do as they will.  They have used it to store their tools, work on rusty bikes and even turned them into “man caves”.  They have been a man’s sanctuary for some quiet and alone time, but this is all about to change.

Over recent years, there has been a sharp rise in she sheds.  The she-shed is a plain shed which has been transformed into a woman’s own private oasis in her garden.  It is an escape from the stresses of the home, a place a woman can relax, maybe do some yoga, read a book or even do a craft project.

The design options are endless, but before you purchase your perfect shed you must give some thought to what type of building you are looking for.  Of course, you can plump for a traditional wooden style shed, but does a wood building offer you everything you are looking for from a she-shed.  Another option to consider is a steel building.  Buying a steel building is a cheap and eco-friendly way of updating your back garden.  If you look at Armstrong Steel’s website (the leading provider of steel buildings), you’ll see that they have multiple purchase options (including a Direct Buy program) to suit everyone’s requirements which you can learn more about at http://armstrongsteel.com/.

Whatever, you choose for your shed, once purchased you can get on to planning what to do with your newfound space.  Here are a few ideas for your perfect she-shed or steel building:

A Place for Gardening

Spending time in your garden for lots of women is due to the love of gardening.  A steel building can add to that. Why not fill it with potted plants, vegetables, bulbs, flowers and anything else you can think of? Use it as a place you can go and give your beautiful plants the love and time they deserve.

Pexels Photo 238377

A Place for Crafts

Is your craft room currently in a corner of your guest bedroom? Well, a steel building is the perfect chance for you to move your crafting to a more relaxing, homely place.  More importantly to place where you can get peace and quiet to do it.  Whether it’s painting, knitting or anything else, the she-shed will become your own little space just for you and your crafting.

A Place for Relaxation

There is no limit to what you can do with your newfound space. The steel building allows you to personalise it to your own taste and desire. Creating a tranquil space just for you to meditate, do yoga or tai chi or even just read that novel.

A Place to be Inspired

If you are looking for inspiration in your life, the steel building might hold the answer. In the peace and tranquillity of your new space, you will have to time to think and be inspired. Whether you are trying to decide on a career move or wanting to write a novel, a steel building is the perfect environment for those creative juices to flow.

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