3 Reasons Why Online Casinos are So Popular in New Zealand

In recent years, the rise in popularity of online casinos has taken the world by storm. As a consequence of New Zealand gambling laws prohibiting Kiwis from playing online casino games that are based in the country, an increasing number of New Zealand citizens have spent money on offshore casinos.

But what is it about these online casino games that New Zealand gamblers enjoy? Let’s discover 3 reasons why online casinos have grown in popularity.

1. More Online Casinos Now Accept the New Zealand Dollar

As the official currency and legal tender of New Zealand, the New Zealand Dollar was first introduced in 1967. Although most online casinos still only accept the US dollar, there are an increasing number of gambling websites that market themselves as nzd casinos, meaning that they accept the NZ$ as an officially supported currency. Above all, for Kiwi gamblers, being able to know exactly how much you are depositing into an online casino is a huge advantage.

For New Zealand players, this also eliminates being stung by volatile currency exchange rates. That being said, when using the NZ$, it is important to first check that the e-wallet or payment method you are using supports New Zealand dollars. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering hidden costs, such as exchange rate fees, that can add up over time and swallow some of your winnings.

2. The Rise of Mobile Gambling

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Although online casinos have been around for much longer than mobile devices, one other reason why online gambling is on the rise in New Zealand is because more games are being adapted for mobile play. The evolution of mobile gaming has totally diversified the gambling landscape. Being able to play pokie from the comfort of your sofa on a tablet, or embracing the freedom to enjoy a round of blackjack from your smartphone during your daily commute has made online casinos more accessible to Kiwis than ever before. 

Mobile phones are almost a necessity when it comes to communication in the modern world so finding a person who does not have access to a mobile phone in New Zealand is no easy task. Additionally, people do everything online these days. From internet shopping to television on demand, gambling is just one of many entertainment choices offered by the internet. The convenience of logging in to an online casino is therefore a benefit for a lot of players, who, due to legal or other restrictions, cannot go to an actual casino.

3. Variety of Choice

Unlike the limited offerings of a physical casino, the almost infinite world of online gambling offers Kiwi gamers a multitude of different games to suit their tastes. Online casinos are themed by area, interest type, skill level and visual preference meaning there are thousands of options for gamblers to enjoy from their own home. With no travel costs involved, almost anyone can sign up to an online game and start playing right away.

Players no longer need to wait their turn at the table or seek out a land casino that offers their favourite games. Furthermore, online gambling guides can teach aspiring New Zealand gamers useful strategies and there are also free trial opportunities and deals that allow you to play with no risk or reward while you learn how to play. Above all, for a lot of New Zealanders, online gambling offers an appealing and simple solution

Ultimately, it is a combination of multiple factors that has contributed to the rise in popularity of online casinos in New Zealand. With new developments and revolutionary games hitting the headlines every day, the love Kiwis have for internet gambling is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon.

When enjoying online casinos, it is important to gamble safely. For more information on protecting your privacy, take a look at these tips to keep you safe when gambling online.

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