Discovering cryotherapy, a refreshing trend

An innovative beauty treatment that applies low temperatures to the skin

More and more people are either discovering or using cryotherapy, and for good reason. Cryotherapy is also a therapy that is increasingly in demand among elite athletes. Such are its repairing effects for the body, which increases the number of users who resort to cryotherapy simply looking for a spa effect.

Burning fat in cold temperatures

The treatment could not be simpler, as cryotherapy suppliers explain. You only have to get into a cabin (leaving your head outside and you may be in any kind of light clothing such as swimwear) and submit yourself for a maximum of three minutes to cold liquid nitrogen, a cold vapor that can reach a temperature as low as -200 degrees.

But the most striking thing is that the cold of this body cryotherapy, being a dry cold, produces a pleasant effect because there is a release of endorphins in the body. This is one of the features that catches the attention of those who try this method. This application of cold steam is another sign that a great ally for health and beauty can be found in the advance of science.

Its popularity is on the rise every year

It’s the modern and improved version of the ice water baths that have been practiced for years in many sports clubs with their players, now applying technical advances that allow them to increase their effectiveness. The sale of cryosauna machines in elite teams has been a revolution in terms of the therapeutic effects on the beleaguered bodies of athletes after training.

This technique also helps to lose weight. Normal body temperature is around 37 °C. When the temperature drops, the natural reaction is burning fat by combustion in a quest to reach the optimum temperature again.

Cryotherapy can help in muscle pain

In the sports sector, it is used after training as a shock therapy to prevent muscle soreness, injuries and to strengthen blood circulation, improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory action is the reason why Cryo cabin booths are increasingly present not only in elite professional clubs but also in all kinds of sports centers. Many toxins are released after exercise, which cryotherapy booths efficiently remove, reducing recovery time.

What to expect, and benefits

Cryotherapy is a powerful treatment that can help treat several different health issues and provide dozens of benefits because it has other therapeutic effects such as fighting depression (due to the sensory reaction to cold and the brain’s response, and because it releases endorphins and serotonin, promoting the sensation of pleasure), or remedying chronic pain thanks to its therapeutic benefits related to that release of endorphins.

Cryotherapy, in general, is very safe and suitable for everyone but it should never be used without supervision. It has been shown therefore that it helps patients with depression by increasing serotonin, what is produced in each session; and that it transmits an enormous sense of well-being, as well as regulating the activity of the central nervous system. There is a sensory reaction to cold, which responds by releasing endorphins and serotonin, thus transmitting a pleasant sensation in our mind.

The best weight loss aid

As with any therapeutic endeavor, the effects are not permanent and the goal is not reached if the rules are not followed and regularity is maintained. Therefore, it’s necessary to comply with the number of sessions, to repeat them in case of volume recovery and to maintain moderate exercise habits, such as walking, at least twice a week and not to consume unnecessary calories.


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