House Parties: Definitely a Thing in 2017

People are turning more and more to having people over in the house instead of everybody going out and meeting at a third place. Honestly, you can set your house up really easy for company these days, and in the warmer weather you can deck the backyard out with some nice chairs and good outdoor lighting and you’re good to go. There are few disadvantages of staying home to party as opposed to going out, and there are some of the many advantages:

No Blue Laws In Effect

These days, police enforcement of laws in public places is more stringent than ever, and new laws are coming on the books all the time. Of course, unless you live way deep in a rural zone, you will have neighbors you have to respect, especially regarding the noise, but this can also be mitigated by simply inviting them to the festivities! And in this way, the party goes until people don’t want it to go anymore, instead of when the law says it has to.


Bars and restaurants are heavily taxed and have extremely high overheads, making it next to impossible for them to offer anything reasonably priced for you. On the other hand, you can buy all the necessary elements of a good party on your own and literally spend pennies on the dollar for what you would have. You can also of course go BYOB and party for next to nothing.

Crowd Control

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You get to decide who comes and who doesn’t to your own house party. You will be in good company and more relaxed because you don’t have a bunch of randos surrounding you. This also encourages conversation and deeper personal connections, especially since it’s always easier to have a conversation at a private party due to the better levels of control over the music level and such. Which brings us to:

Music Control

You get to be your own DJ at a house party, and let’s face it, most of us can do a way better job than that DJ at the bar, and at the very least, we can rock the tunes that we and our own people will appreciate more and not have to endure music we don’t like. When you’re out in public, you generally just have to put up with whatever they are playing, whether you like it or not.

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