How is online games linked to better performance at work?

Gone are the days of misconception that playing online games for hours can ruin one’s life.  These games are not only innocuous to play but also on the other hand, can have a positive impact on one’s life improving his persona overall. Each game requires certain skill to give you the desired result. These online games are not just meant for fun after all. It is wrongly construed if someone understands it otherwise. In fact, by playing these games, a person can conquer all his inner demons and become a successful person in the outside world. More importantly at work place, he will always be one of the best performer thanks to the qualities that has been imbibed by playing the online games regularly. Let us now see how online games are linked to better performance in work.

Quick thinking ability:

The online games are mostly fast paced games. Whether it is racing or fighting in a battlefield or perhaps even rummy online, each of those game types require prompt execution of manoeuvres by the players. There is no scope for relaxing. This quality will reflect in your work place if you are someone who is employed in a job which requires prompt decisions to be taken. This will ensure that you are able to repair a grave situation immediately before it goes out of control. You need not approach your superiors to deal with such things. You can set it right by yourself and receive due recognition from your superior instead.

Leadership quality:

How does your ability to take quick decisions at the right time by yourself help you as an employee in a corporate organisation? Obviously, you get promoted. Apparently, many people will be reporting to you as a result. A leader cannot be an ordinary man anyway. He needs to have some special qualities imbibed in him to make him a good leader well respected by his subordinates. A leader should be calm in every situation that he faces, needs to set an example to his subordinates by taking the lead in case any critical problem arises, gain confidence among his teammates and instil confidence in them too. These qualities get automatically attached to the players of online games. An online game player can never get tensed or excited no matter how bad a situation is. Only then, he will be able to arrive at a sane decision as to what needs to be done. For example, take a game like online Rummy, what if one confronts a bad hand. If he gets panicked by the situation, he is bound to make some serious mistakes. So, a true online gamer by default will be a calm person. Same way, there are so many war and adventurous games where, a person, as a warrior, needs to take lead in achieving what he has to. Therefore, the player has a better opportunity of becoming a great leader by playing online games.

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Improves Efficiency:

One is expected to be vigilant all the time in any profession. An online gamer tends to have more concentration compared to others. Concentration will improve the efficiency as every day goes by and one can soon become an expert in any given field.

A person becomes more efficient when he starts playing online games including critical games like playing online rummy for real money. This quality is very much needed to survive at your workplace. The term efficiency is nothing but using whatever resources available on hand in achieving a target without wasting or seeking anything. This is what a company expects from you, isn’t it? Every organisation seeks to multiply their gains every quarter and every year. So, it is basically a crime on the part of the employees to waste anything. The player of online games develops this quality of efficiency as every game that a person plays, gives minimum tools or hints to accomplish something. As you go up every level, the freedom to use them gets even more difficult but the game is not won unless you undergo every ordeal. Therefore, having faced many such situations in online games, a person can become efficient in his day to day life too and this will have a rather positive impact at his workplace as well.

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