I use my outdoor area in winter. Should you?

As I started writing this post, gusts of cold wind rumbled my windows, threatening to blow them open. The specter of winter loomed close; spots of rain collected in silence on the glass only to disappear into ghostly trails. Lightning had been exhibiting its power for half an hour and was starting to become more frequent and more violent.

A message hits my phone and lights up the room, its buzz lost in the sounds of the oncoming storm. For a moment I mistake it for lightning which causes my heart to skip a beat. A good friend has sent me a link to a news website, claiming a severe storm warning had been issued in my area.

Well, that news website wasn’t wrong.

I was not overly concerned; this area is beautiful, but subject to frequent storms and rainy weather. As I sat gazing into the swirling black darkness outside, I felt a little defeated. I wanted to write a post about enjoying the outdoor areas of your home, whatever the weather, but I am forced to say this; If your area is experiencing severe weather, don’t risk it, stay safe indoors.

A brand-new day

The next morning was typically radiant and the sky almost free from cloud. I brushed some detritus from my outdoor lounge and sat my steaming cup of coffee down on the side table. Surveying my cold back yard, I was reminded of my feelings of defeat. In the wake of such wild weather, it seemed futile to finish writing my piece.

I have been outside a lot lately, enjoying my outdoor setting. At any time of day or night, no matter the weather, I could be out there writing or eating or staring off into space. Why? Because it’s brilliant. On a cold windy night, the clouds will blow over and you will see stars twinkling deep out in the great void of space.

Contemplating infinity is better with a hot drink on a comfortable lounge. In the morning I can wake up with the earth around me as we greet the suns warmth. I don’t pay for a subscription or electricity, I let the sun recharge me for free.

Cabin Chalet Cold 2526931

Part of the furniture.

Severe storms aside, even as the temperature falls it’s still possible to enjoy your outdoor area. For a start, I would recommend any of Domayne’s outdoor lounges, a suitable blanket and some outdoor cushions. Sky watching, relaxing and having a drink with friends or having a nap in the sun. All things that an outdoor lounge will allow you to do in comfort.

Finding the right outdoor furniture can really give your outdoor area a new lease on life. After the addition of an outdoor lounge, a side table and some hedges for privacy and shelter, my back deck has become my favorite room in the house.

A good piece of outdoor furniture will be constructed with all-weather materials such as synthetic fiber or treated metal. These materials can take an absolute beating, a decade of patchy rain should not phase a good outdoor setting. Cushions designed for outdoor use usually contain a mold proof foam that lets water flow straight through, keeping them dry and comfortable at all times. If you are looking for some inspiration, I got my outdoor lounge from Domayne, they seem to have a decent range of quality outdoor furniture., and I get a lot of use out of mine.

As the temperature drops, the natural world does not shrink in beauty. When winter approaches mother nature puts on a grand spectacle, and this shift in season can really remind us of what’s important in life. If you have an outdoor area don’t let it gather leaves this winter, reclaim your space and listen to nature sing.

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