Need Wedding Inspiration? Here are Some Popular Locations

Planning your big day is never easy. Whether you are newly engaged or are simply looking for ideas so that you are ready for when it happens, picking out a exciting stag do location like Madrid or solid spot for your wedding is by far one of the most important aspects. More couples are opting to leave their hometowns and even go overseas for their dream weddings, heading to some of the world’s most beautiful and romantic locations to tie the knot.

The world is a huge place and settling on one place when there are so many can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, we have selected three possible destinations which are very popular, especially amongst younger couples, for modern weddings.

#1: Lake Como

Located in Northern Italy, Lake Como is an area known for its vast and dramatic scenery which is set in the foothills of the Alps. The lake itself has taken the shape of a Y which has three branches coming off it, and it is at the bottom of the southwest branch where you will find Como, an Italian city home to natural beauty, Renaissance-style architecture, and the Brunate mountains.

It is by far one of the most beautiful destinations to be found anywhere on the planet, and it attracts thousands of people each year with their wedding parties. If you are going to go all out and tie the knot at Lake Como, make sure that you work with the best Lake Como wedding photographer. This is a day you’ll always remember so you’ll want to iron out the style and approach your photographer is going to take. To find inspiration you will want to find portfolios online that have covered similar destinations and example would be this portfolio you can view this portfolio on for some wedding photo inspiration.

#2: Greece

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With clear blue seas, gorgeous cuisine and plenty of sun, it’s easy to see why Greece attracts so many foreign weddings each year. Virtually anywhere on the coast throughout the country is popular for this, and what could be more romantic than getting married in the ancient city of Athens?

Any ceremony in Greece is guaranteed to be surrounded by culture, history, and the authentic and dreamy Greek ambience.

#3: Cyprus

With a huge amount of strong Mediterranean sun, dramatic landscapes, and beautiful beaches, Cyprus ranks highly on any wedding destination list. Not only is the country a beautiful wedding destination regardless of where you are, but Cyprus is well-known for its amazing nightlife that attracts millions of holidaymakers each year.

Even if a wedding abroad or in Cyprus isn’t quite what you have in mind, the country makes for a great destination for hen and stag parties, so that’s always something to keep in mind. If you want to take the guys or girls off for an unforgettable pre-wedding bender, then Cyprus should be at the top of your list.

It’s getting more popular for couples, particularly younger ones, to head abroad for their weddings in search of sun, sea and beautiful surroundings. When it comes to picking a destination for your wedding, there are literally thousands of options dotted all over the globe for you to choose from and this can quite easily become a very difficult task. If you are looking for a safe bet, however, there are plenty of renowned places to choose from if you search around.

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