RLCS Season X Rankings And Ratings – How Things Stand

Rocket League is one of the most popular video games in the world currently, and for good reason too. A vehicular soccer-styled game filled with bright and vibrant visuals, high paced intense bursts of action and a simple to grasp but hard to master skill ceiling, Rocket League is free to play and available on a whole host of consoles and platforms. 

And its transition to a free to play model especially has gone a long way in helping bolstering the game’s player count, with Rocket League pushing past the all-important one million active concurrent milestone for the very first time in September 2020. 

More players and more interest in the game naturally leads to bigger and better things in terms of Rocket League’s blossoming competitive scene, with Psyonix’s flagship title hoping to break the hegemony at the top of the Esports tree and become one of its leading lights. 

The Rocket League Championship Series is the game’s competitive arm, with its tenth season already underway and promising to fulfill its potential as the biggest competition in its history. Here’s everything you need to know about how things currently stand in RLCS Season X, Rocket League’s premier Esports event. 


One look at the Rocket League betting markets at an Esports specialist site such as Unikrn will show that Swiss org Team BDS are one of the game’s most prestigious teams, and their form over the course of RLCS Season X shows exactly why. The team won both the RLCS Fall and Winter Majors against Team Vitality, the only S-Tier events in the Season X circuit so far, and are (at the time of writing) six game winning run. 

They currently have the biggest lead at the summit of the respective regional divisions with their 4119 points currently dominating Team Vitality’s 2881 and Top Blokes’ 2291 in second and third positions respectively. 

North America

NRG are one of the Esports world’s most recognisable and successful teams, boasting strong lineups in games ranging from League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as well as Rocket League. Owned by the same owners as the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, they are amongst the most accomplished and decorated teams currently competing in the North American region. 

The champions of RLCS seasons 3,6,7 and 8 in North America, runners up in the grand finals of season 5 and the grand champions of season 8 all in, NRG have continued their dominance well into this current season with a 4-2 win over Rogue at the RLCS Season X Winter NA Major. 

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Although not the most stacked region in terms of top level competition, the Oceania branch of Rocket League is perhaps better represented than most other rival titles currently seen in the industry. As well as recognisable orgs such as Renegades being heavily active in the game, RLCS Season X has seen specialist teams such as Cringe Society and Ground Zero Gaming, as well as newcomers such as Mako and Donkey Squad, all flexing their skills in the server. 

But whilst a respected and established organisation such as Renegades might absolutely dominate their region in a game like CS:GO, the same can’t be said for RLCS Season X just yet. The Australians are only in third place in their regional table, behind Cringe Society in second and Ground Zero Gaming in first with 2922, 3041 and 3856 points respectively. 

South America

South America also might not have the glitz and glamour of NA or EU at the moment, but the competition amongst the sides active in the region remains just as fierce. The top of the table has mainly been contested between FURIA Esports and True Neutral, with Noble Esports, Carnage Gaming and Rebel making up the top five. 

FURIA and True Neutral are the two undisputed titans in the region however, trading blows against each other and opening up a pretty hefty gap between them and the region’s remaining sides. True Neutral have the edge with 2945 points against FURIA’s 2643. The former AION Esports Argentine roster have won the Fall Major and finished a respectable second place in the Winter Major, and doing enough to keep their Brazilian rivals at bay. 

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