Science and Medicine Are Ever Evolving

Cancer is without a doubt perhaps one of the most dangerous illness that the 21st century is currently facing. Cancer, a disease that mutates in a variety of ways, has been the bane for many families and for many doctors.

Because there are so many variations of cancer, such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, lung cancer, and so on finding a universal cure to treat this disease is easier said than done.

However, thanks to the hard work of researchers and certain individuals with the funds and the passion for finding a solution to this very problematic illness there seems to be a way to start preventing cancer from happening and actually to cure those who may have cancer.

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Tempus is currently greatly assisting doctors and researcher who are trying to understand better particular tumors a person may have developed. Thanks to the genomic sequence that has become widely popular for many researchers, the Tempus project allows for large amounts of genomic information to be taken.

Why this is salient is because this information can then be provided to the doctors or researcher and they will be better able to prescribe the right treatment for the disease.

Information is incredibly important, and this is especially true when dealing with the cancerous disease. Thanks to the information that is provided doctors have been able to help many that have developed pancreatic, lung and breast cancer.

It has always been viewed by many that the best way to stop cancer is to find it early on and remove it and thanks to this project the chances of finding cancerous cells earlier on is much more comfortable and much more efficacious.

The significance of blending science and medicine together has dramatically advanced the medicinal field, and as a result, many people who have this deadly and life-threatening disease have been able to live a much long and productive life.


Furthermore, thanks to the information that is given being able to personalize specific therapies for individuals is, even more, the reason that this project is really pushing the boundaries of the genomic sequences to its limit.

There are specific therapies, and this is salient, that work very well with certain people, and this comes down to the idea that our genetic really define how we react to specific therapies. Understanding our genetic and being able to map out or genome is indeed a great achievement.

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