Throwing an Old Hollywood Party? Keep These Tips in Mind

When it comes to Hollywood themed parties, nothing gets more exciting than an Old Hollywood themed bash. The décor, the costumes, and the menu, everything is enough to open a portal to another era.

But to enjoy that glamour, you need to approach your party with a certain mindset. Your invites, your décor, and your menu need to remind your guests of another time in Hollywood.

From taking care of the dress code to serving pipe tobacco options such as Prince Albert Cigars, here are a few tips to bring Old Hollywood to life in your party.

Don’t Do Everything Alone

While it would be very tempting to pull off everything single-handedly and be applauded for it later, it might take a lot out of you. This is especially true if you have a guest list of more than 20 people.

Since your party isn’t just something where you could order normal decorations and food over an app and be done with it, the more people you have on the planning, the better it is for the party’s execution.

This could be your partner, a family member, or a group of friends. You could even bring some fun into the party planning tasks by testing party favors and snacks such as Prince Albert Cigars.

Delegate As Much as Possible

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Décor and food would be two of the most important parts of setting your guests’ mood during the party. That is why it is important that these two aspects are taken care of properly.

While you could take inspiration from old movies for the décor and extensive recipe lists for the menu, pulling off all of this by yourself might not be easy. That is where you and anyone else you are planning the party with need to decide which aspects to delegate and which ones to handle yourself.

This makes sure that you are not taking on more than you can chew. As a rule of thumb, you can make any ready to use purchases a part of your list, and hire experts for more time consuming aspects.

For instance, if you have to procure tobacco, then you could easily purchase pipe tobacco based options such as Prince Albert Cigars. On the other hand, preparing intricate dishes will take some time, for which you can hire a caterer.

Make Sure to Tell Everyone About the Dress Code

What fun would an Old Hollywood party be if everyone showed up in their t-shirts and jeans? And it wouldn’t be their fault if they are not strictly told about it before hand.

As the host, it is your job to lay down the law about the dress code and inform your guests about it. Make sure to convey this through your invites, and send out reminders two days before the party. This way, everyone would know that dress code is an important aspect of the party, and no one would show up in casual clothes to disrupt its mood.

From there, you could easily enjoy Old Hollywood gossip, snacks and Prince Albert Cigars with your guests, and be ready to garner the praise for throwing a perfect party.

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