Top 3 Jackets Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Jackets are one of the most practical items of clothing a woman can own. Not only do jackets keep
us warm, and provide pockets to store just about anything, but they can also be used to make a style
statement. The right jacket can instantly upgrade an outfit and so investing in a collection of
versatile pieces suitable for any occasion, can help you to build a capsule wardrobe that works. Not
everyone understands what to look for when buying a jacket though and so to make your search
easier, let’s discover 3 different jackets that every woman must own.


The iconic biker jacket is an outerwear staple synonymous with just about anyone who has ever
wanted to look cool. Biker jackets for women come in a range of styles ranging from contemporary
to classic and there are a variety of distinct styles to be found, each with their own unique look and
character. As a timeless piece of fashion history, wearing a biker jacket is easy. This is why it is so
important to choose one that appeals to you.

Whether leather, suede or faux fabrics are what you have in mind, there is sure to be something that
catches your eye. Want to know how to wear a biker jacket? Biker jackets are commonly styled with
dark outfits to create an edgy and rebellious look. Think charcoal sweaters, jeans, and boots. In
terms of an investment piece, a biker jacket is perfect for mastering street style vibes while
sharpening just about any ensemble. Although a biker jacket is usually seen as a casual piece, it is
possible to switch things up by pairing it with a feminine lace dress or silk blouse.

Faux Fur

Woman Wearing Faux Fur Coat 2035887

When the weather is transitioning between seasons, a faux fur jacket is a stylish and cosy option to
throw on over an outfit. Not only will a faux fur jacket keep you comfortable and warm during the
cooler months, but it can also be folded away into a bag if the weather heats up. Wearing a faux fur
jacket similar to some of the designs you can find on this site is also one of the easiest ways to make
just about any outfit seem statement and on trend.

To style a faux fur jacket, tone down the volume of the rest of your outfit by sporting a streamlined
ensemble. Slim fit trousers and a basic polo neck or fine knit sweater will allow your jacket to do the
talking. Your faux fur is not for exclusive formal use either. To give this jacket a casual spin, slip it on
over skinny jeans and a t shirt and finish off with your favourite sneakers. Regarding colour, stay true
to your style. For instance, if you wear bright and bold colors do not be afraid to try out reds or
animal prints. For a more reserved style, stick to shades of black, grey and nudes.


Bomber jackets never go out of style, so if you have not yet already done so, now is the time to rock
this classic jacket design. There are always new ways to wear a bomber jacket depending on the
season and trends in colors, cuts, and layering, but it is essential to remember that the secret to
looking good in a bomber jacket is to think carefully about what you are wearing underneath it.
Once again, aim to keep your layers lightweight.

Furthermore, dressed up or down, a bomber jacket can help you to perfect a laid-back approach to
dressing. From the original leather bomber jackets worn by military fighter pilots, to fashionable
tailored pieces that are cinched at the waist, women can find classic styles as well as varieties with a
modern twist. Bomber jackets no longer have to be ultra-sporty or masculine either. While the
athleisure trend is still dominating on the runways, it is not difficult to find embroidered jackets or
more feminine designs that are a gentle nod to the ‘Pink Ladies’ from Grease.

Ultimately, whereas some trends may come and go, there are certain pieces like jackets which are
classic and timeless and can be worn for many more years to come. Above all, maintaining a small
collection of as few as 3 of your favourite jackets helps you to keep your looks fresh and exciting.
A stylish jacket is one of a few wardrobe staples that can make winter dressing easier. For more
fashion tips in this site check out this blog post to help you nail classic winterwear style.

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